Monday, March 26, 2012

Google Earth Online

Google Earth is definitely the best possibility to view our planet Earth from various angles and aspects online. This program will enable you to find various landmarks across the globe. You can enjoy looking at the famous places such as Statue of liberty or huge cities such as London or Paris. You can download the program, or you even can load it on your website and have Google Earth Online.

Being able to see any place in the world within a few minutes, or even seconds one can not only use the program for fun, but also for business. An average user can download the program and use it for free. If you need even more possibilities you will have to pay for Google Earth Pro. Businesses will also have to pay for the program. However, it may positively improve your business results a lot. You can use it in a wide range of sectors both commercial and non commercial.

For example, one can use it for commercial real estate business to evaluate sites, competitor locations and existing sites. You can also take your prospective clients to online tours of any property. Images of the objects can be cut and pasted to PowerPoint too. It can be used in various media presentations to illustrate their presentations by showing exact locations and places their reports deal with.

Google Earth can find you the exact address and see it on the map online after you type the address in the search bar of the program. A lot of users use this function for driving directions around city or even country.
Having a free version of the program you will be able to find and see:

-          Exact locations: streets, buildings, parks, shops, airports, hospitals and etc.
-          Plan your next trip
-          Have the best possible driving directions online
-          See the famous places of the world: Eiffel tower, the Great Wall of China, the Statue of Liberty and etc.

So, you can use a free version of Google Earth or buy Google Earth Pro if you are interested in more possibilities for your business.

Another good thing is that you can have Google Earth Online. That’s right, if you are interested in that you can download the plug-in for the program and use the embed KML gadget to have the program on your website or blog for free.

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  1. i thought this was the google earth were you can see the earth from a satlite please help