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Reasons to Make Google My Homepage

Google is by far the best search engine available today and Google Chrome is the fastest browser for you. I hope it is not a big surprise that around seventy percent of people are using the engine for their daily use searching for relevant information on internet. The phrase ‘google it’ is a proof in itself that merely shows that internet consumers prefer this search engine over others. For a long time Google homepage has been known as the fastest, most reliable and effective system that finds whatever you need to the extent that some other engines are using Google provided results in their searches too. Their creators do not stop here, they constantly perfect search algorithms, introduce new functions, divide web pages into categories and etc. 

At the moment the company is worth more than one hundred and fifty million dollars. Although it started as a search engine, it has a lot of other services, most of which are free of charge. Google homepage is a brand name now that means quality, good and fast service, as well as pleasant experiences using Google products. 

Gmail is probably the best attraction of the page

Let us look at some of them that you may found on its’ homepage. Google mail is probably the biggest achievement of the company. Google first started distributing personal emails that could have a lot of space and one did not have delete old messages so often. Space limit, spam filter and the conception of gmail was much better than other companies, such as Yahoo or MSN were offering. When all companies were decreasing the size of their email boxes, gmail was slowly but surely increasing it going from 1 gb to more than 7.5 gb that you can enjoy for free.

At the moment, Google offers a complex of services integrated into one account: electronic mail, internet bureau program package, storage of photos, RSS reader and many more. 

YouTube can drive traffic to your website

One of the best companies purchases is the most popular video sharing site “YouTube”. This is another top product that I like a lot as you can use it for developing your creativity, linking to your business sites and even making money with Google Adsense program. However, YouTube is not as profitable as one may assume. As of 2009 it has incurred around half a billion dollar losses. The most recent ‘rumours’ say that company has finally become profitable and is becoming more and more attractive for those who are seeking work online. If you are a talented actor or an artist, or perhaps an online marketer YouTube can become a goldmine for you. Patience and consistency are necessary to achieve results though. 

How does Google make money?

I believe you already know the answer. Google provides effective and efficient advertisement that is often called ‘clever advertisement’ that does not provide random advertisements but advertisement products are chosen according to users’ searches, browsing history and other similar information. It is good that one can take part in Google Adsense advertising program and get a tiny part of the profits that the company makes through its’ ads. 

Some failed projects

Not everything that Google does is successful. One of the projects: “Google Wave” simply was not appreciated by professional and common users. Two social networking sites: Orkut and Google Buzz have also largely failed. Well, Orkut has not become popular in US, but is largely used in India and some other countries. Google Buzz was intended to outperform Facebook, but as you may see it absolutely failed. It is still actively used by a lot of users, but not as much as its’ creators had expected. 

A few problems that Google has had

Some problems were also caused by “Google Street View” service that allows one to see real photos of real streets. This as some other services raise a question of privacy. The debate on the topic has been going on for a long time and Google as the biggest player in the market of internet searches and other similar services often gets scolded for interfering with people privacy. 

Some internet creators believe you should not share your private information on internet!!!
There are a lot of other features that you can find on Google Homepage which will make your internet browsing activities more pleasurable and enjoyable. It would take a lot of articles to describe the best services that you can find on the best, but the best thing about it is that you get most relevant results in your searches and the speed is not slowed down by a lot of adds and other visual information that is plentiful in Google’s rivals Yahoo and Bing homepages. 

As of now Google homepage has 19 links and they do not bother your eyes, nor interfere with your browsing activities. I hope to talk more on specific Google products such as Google maps or Google plus in my future post. Hope this one was useful.

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